“Patterson Weaver is a no nonsense attorney. He is up front and to the point. I was accused of a felony crime that I did not commit. Patterson was so thorough and diligent in proving my innocence. Not only is he a fantastic attorney, he and his staff have always taken the time out of their busy schedules to talk to me and ease my anxiety. Patterson always treated me and my case with care and respect. I would not have survived this difficult time without his compassion, intelligence, and understanding. Patterson Weaver is who you want to fight your battle. Patterson circumvented every hurdle that was thrown in front of him. In my opinion, his stupendous honesty, knowledge, communication and defense style was very instrumental in winning my case. He is a star and I would recommend him and his staff to everyone.
He is “The Man!’”

A Felony Burglary Criminal Client—This client was acquitted at trial after less than twenty minutes of deliberations.

“I interviewed five lawyers before deciding to hire Patterson Weaver. That was the best decision I ever made because I was facing a DUI charge for prescription medication. Patterson quickly explained to me the strengths and weaknesses of my case. The district attorney's office offered me a plea to DWAI initially. Patterson advised me to decline and set the case for trial, which we did. Well it didn’t even ever get to trial, because Patterson filed a bunch of motions and won the motions hearing! The case was completely dismissed and sealed. The best outcome I could have asked for.”

A DUI Client—This client’s case was dismissed and sealed after a Motions Hearing.

“Patterson Weaver is the hardest working lawyer I have ever retained. His commitment to our case was incredible. He always kept us informed. He studied our case for hours because it was a complicated situation. His passion is the reason this restaurant is ours.”

Kasie—a Will Contest / Probate Litigation Client (and a local Restaurateur)

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