What does the DUI court process look like?

Every jurisdiction has its own idiosyncrasies. Generally, a DUI defendant will either have an appearance called an Arraignment or an Advisement first. In many counties this first appearance will happen in a First Appearance Center rather than an actual courtroom. In some jurisdictions, having an attorney may help you avoid appearing at this date (defer to your attorney’s advice on this). After the arraignment, the case enters the pre-trial process, and may be set for one or more pre-trial conference dates, normally in a court division if you have a lawyer. If a resolution is reached, the matter will normally be set for Sentencing. However, if you are unable to reach a disposition with the DDA and instead want a trial, the case will be set for a motions hearing (if there are motions filed), a pre-trial readiness date, and finally a trial date.