How often can I expect to hear from my attorney?

At Patterson Weaver Law, LLC, we pride ourselves on being responsive and communicative with our clients. We will always contact you as soon as we have any new significant development in your case and there are some types of conferences that we have with every criminal division client on every case. For example, we have in person (or phone if you prefer and the type of case allows) discovery reviews with our clients in every case to discuss the evidence against you, the strengths and weaknesses of the prosecutor’s case, and our possible defenses and strategy. In every criminal case there will be periods when not much happens for a little while and you may not hear from us until we have a new development. This is normal and the nature of criminal law. We often equate a criminal case to the old military axiom “hurry up and wait.” However, even if there are no new developments, we are always happy to answer any questions (or address any anxiety) that our clients bring us. We are here to walk with you and guide you through the whole process. So if you have a question or concern, or just want reassurance—call us!