How much does cost matter in my attorney choice?

Hiring an attorney is somewhat like buying a car. While it may be easier on the pocketbook—you may not want to hire the Kia of attorneys. Attorneys that undercharge are often younger with younger practices, or else have a business model that depends upon handling high case volume. If you want an attorney with experience, ability, and the time to dedicate to your particular matter in order to help assure the best possible result, this may not be what is best for you. Likewise, there are some attorneys in Southern Colorado that charge far more for their services than the case-type and work involved can justify. Instead, choose an attorney based on your confidence that they will get you the best outcome possible in your matter, and your comfort level with that attorney walking you through what can be a very intimidating and even frightening process. Hiring an attorney whose job it is to keep you out of jail is not the place to pinch pennies.