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Criminal Law

Driving Under Influence Patterson Weaver Law is a law practice specializing in Criminal Defense. Whatever charges you are facing, attorney Patterson Weaver has the experience and ability to help you get the best resolution possible.

One poor choice. One bad night. One more beer. Any of these can lead to criminal charges that can have lasting and often unforeseen repercussions on your life. Even the best people can find themselves tied up with the legal system, facing severe consequences to their liberty, their lives, and their careers.

For most people, being charged with a crime is a terrifying experience. Not only can there be repercussions if convicted ranging from expensive classes to time in jail or even the Department of Corrections, but criminal convictions also have unexpected consequences. A child abuse charge can result in DHS involvement. A domestic violence conviction can result in the permanent loss of your right to possess a firearm. A felony conviction can make it almost impossible to get a good job in the future. For a military soldier or civilian contractor with a security clearance, many different types of convictions could mean the end of their career.

Patterson Weaver Law, LLC, will fight for you. Criminal defense attorney Patterson Weaver puts his experience as a former felony prosecutor to work for you. Whether you are charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, Patterson Weaver will aggressively fight to get you the best outcome possible in for your situation.

Patterson Weaver handles each and every criminal case according to a set of key principles and methods:

Comprehensive Case Analysis and Research—Whether you need help defending yourself in a criminal case, or whether you want the best and most effective estate plan for your family, you can count on Patterson Weaver to thoroughly review your case and conduct any and all relevant research needed to ensure the best case strategy for your situation.

Helpful and Straightforward Explanation of the Legal Process—The legal system is not simple. Too often attorneys fail to remember that. While they deal with the system daily, their clients do not. Patterson Weaver will thoroughly explain every step in the process with you in terms and language you can understand, not jumbled legalese. Information is power, and Patterson Weaver will ensure that you have the information you need to make the best decisions for yourself and your family.

Honest Assessment of the Strengths and Weaknesses of the Case—Lawyers often fall into one of two categories. Many will try to scare you to death to make you believe you need to hire them, and hire them now. Others will downplay the possible repercussions, all but promising outcomes that may be possible, but highly unlikely. Patterson Weaver Law, does not play those games. Whether during an initial consultation, or during the course of representation, you can expect Patterson Weaver to be honest and straightforward with you about the strengths and weaknesses of your c*ase and the potential outcomes.

Responsive Communication—One of the most common complaints about attorneys is that they do not respond to their client’s attempts to reach them. You will not have this problem with Patterson Weaver Law. Patterson Weaver takes his responsibility to communicate with his clients seriously, and in most cases you can expect a response to your message or e-mail in less than 24 hours.

Effective Negotiation—Although Patterson Weaver is an experienced and talented trial lawyer, often the best outcomes are achieved through effective negotiation. Patterson Weaver has a proven record of effective negotiation with District Attorneys, opposing lawyers, and opposing parties.

Aggressive and Experienced Trial Defense—Patterson Weaver is extensively trained in trial practice, and has an impressive history of success in trying hearings and cases in court. Should your case go to trial, you are in good hands with Patterson Weaver fighting for you in court.

If the State of Colorado is bringing a charge against you, don’t face it alone. Talk to a criminal defense lawyer with a track record of success. Hire criminal defense attorney Patterson Weaver to fight for your rights and your future. Call Patterson Weaver Law today to set up a free consultation.

Patterson Weaver Law serves El Paso County (Colorado Springs), Pueblo County (Pueblo), Teller County (Cripple Creek and Woodland Park), Fremont County (Canon City), Park County (Fairplay), Elbert County (Kiowa), and the surrounding areas. In many cases, if you live outside of Colorado Springs, criminal defense attorney Patterson Weaver can travel to you for the initial consultation.

Life happens. Let us help.

Client Reviews
Patterson Weaver is the hardest working lawyer I have ever retained. His commitment to our case was incredible. He always kept us informed. He studied our case for hours because it was a complicated situation. His passion is the reason this restaurant is ours Kasie A.
Patterson represented me in another county and made sure to get me the best deal possible due to my unfortunate circumstances. I was able to get a deferred sentence which is pretty much unheard of in cases like mine and I’m forever grateful to him. Jillian G.
Patterson was a pleasure to deal with and was able to provide me the best possible outcome for my case. Patterson and his team are fantastic! Patterson's outstanding character and intellect has made him one of the very best Attorneys in the Pikes Peak Region. Brett K.